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Are you looking for luggage storage or have you already stored your bags? Look here.

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How to Book Luggage Storage with LuggageHeroNeed help with your first booking?
Change storage locationChanging Storage Locations for Existing Bookings
Modify your bookingChange drop-off date, pricing model, or add insurance to your booking
Reporting Incidents and Safety ConcernsSafely report incidents & concerns. Prompt actions to maintain standards. Secure storage experience with LuggageHero.
Canceling Your LuggageHero BookingA Step-by-Step Guide
Understanding LuggageHero's Pricing Structure for Luggage StorageWe offer flexible pricing for your luggage storage needs
Same-Day and Advance ReservationsEnsuring Availability for Your Luggage
Allowing Others to Pick Up Your Luggage: Guidelines and InstructionsNeed someone else to pick up your stored luggage for you?
Non-Standard Luggage: Guidelines for Storage with LuggageHero
Rates, Fees, and Add-Ons
Opening HoursLuggageHero provides storage solutions with flexible opening hours to accommodate your travel needs.
Get DirectionsCan't Find the Storage Location? Here's What to Do
Understanding the LuggageHero Storage TimerThis article will guide you through how our storage timer works, from activation to payment calculation.
Bag Identification: A Guide for Secure Luggage StorageEffectively to identify and retrieve your bags quickly
Accessing Checked-in Luggage: Safety and Security Guidelines
Arriving at a Closed Location during Stated Opening Hours: Reporting an Incident
Why Partner Storage Locations' Addresses Are Hidden Until After Making a ReservationAddresses and distance to storage locations
Understanding Daily Storage: 24-Hour Storage PeriodDaily storage provides you with a full 24 hours of storage time.
Using WiFi or Data Roaming to Start and Stop the Storage TimerAccess to WiFi or data roaming is essential for accurately starting and stopping the storage timer.
Multi-Day StorageUnderstanding the Flat Rate Pricing Model
General booking information
Booking Protection at LuggageHeroBooking Protection guarantee automatically covers every booking made through our platform.
Do I Need to Book in Advance?Booking your luggage storage in advance is essential to ensure that space is available for your bags when you need it.