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The Value of Discount Codes in Driving Foot Traffic
The Value of Discount Codes in Driving Foot Traffic

Embracing Partnerships for Mutual Growth

Updated over a week ago

At LuggageHero, we believe in creating win-win situations through strategic partnerships. Our discount codes are a powerful tool in this strategy, designed to benefit our customers and partner locations.

How Discount Codes Work

When a customer applies a discount code, the reduced amount is subtracted from the total cost of their storage time. This is a strategic move, not just an expense, as it is an investment in marketing to attract more visitors to your location.

Shared Benefits

The discount provided to customers is not solely a cost to our partners. Instead, it's a shared initiative where LuggageHero absorbs part of the discount to minimize the impact on your revenue.

Our analysis shows that discount codes often increase overall sales as they encourage more customers to use our services and, by extension, visit your location.

A Boost in Foot Traffic

The ultimate goal of issuing discount codes is to increase foot traffic to your store. With more people coming through the door, you have more significant opportunities for additional sales, increased visibility, and the potential for repeat business.

We want our partners to know that discount codes are more than just a price reduction; they're a marketing tool to boost customer engagement and satisfaction.

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