How to Handle Walk-In Bookings

The Benefits of Managing All Bookings via the LuggageHero Luggage Management Platform

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Walk-in bookings, or encounters with self-acquired customers seeking immediate storage, are a golden opportunity. These customers, who arrive without prior reservations, can significantly enhance your business. Here's how to make the most of these opportunities:

What Are Walk-In Bookings?

  • Walk-ins involve customers directly approaching your location, needing immediate storage.

  • They are referred to as self-acquired customers.

The Power of HeroCode

  • HeroCode, accessible from your storage manager dashboard, streamlines the booking process for walk-ins.

  • It enables immediate and smooth bookings, enhancing customer satisfaction.

You can learn more about the HeroCode and its benefits here.

Benefits of Managing Walk-Ins Effectively

By efficiently handling walk-in bookings with the HeroCode and registering them through the LuggageHero platform, you stand to gain the following:

  • Improved check-in ratio: Directly impacts your location's performance.

  • Enhanced online visibility: Increases your presence on the LuggageHero marketplace, attracting more customers.

  • Reduced commission rates for self-acquired bookings: Maximizes your revenue by lowering the costs associated with these bookings.

Learn more about commission and fees here.

How it works

Ask all arriving customers to scan the HeroCode. If the customer has a booking before arriving, the HeroCode will automatically redirect the customer to their booking page.

If the customer does not have a booking before arrival, the HeroCode will launch a simple and efficient booking flow. The flow will allow the customer to choose a relevant storage rate, hourly or daily, and choose increased coverage of their belongings.

As a storage manager, you can adjust the hourly and daily rates for self-acquired bookings directly from your Dashboard.

Key Takeaways

  • Walk-in bookings are valuable for increasing check-in ratios and boosting visibility.

  • Using HeroCode makes the booking process for walk-ins seamless and efficient.

  • Registering walk-ins on LuggageHero improves your online marketplace presence.

  • Financial benefits: Enjoy reduced commission rates on self-acquired bookings, detailed in our help center.

Walk-in bookings present a unique opportunity to directly engage with customers and fulfill their storage needs on the spot. You can significantly enhance your location's operation and financial health by leveraging the HeroCode and understanding the perks of registering self-acquired customers on the LuggageHero platform. You can elevate your storage facility's success and customer satisfaction.

For more insights on the reduced commission rates for self-acquired bookings. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to capitalize on walk-in bookings, steering your business toward tremendous success and profitability.

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