Commission, Fees, and VAT
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Our guide clarifies LuggageHero's commission and fee structures, ensuring our partners completely understand the financial aspects of our collaboration.

LuggageHero fees support essential operations like support, effective marketing, and maintaining our online platform. These fees ensure a smooth, reliable user experience and help improve our services, benefiting customers and partners.

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Commission Structure

The standard commission functions as an investment into the visibility of your storage location. It’s comparable to a marketing fee that you might pay for other forms of advertisement. This fee is used to enhance your online presence. It ensures that your services are prominently displayed when potential customers look for online luggage storage options. This commission is reinvested into digital marketing efforts like search engine optimization targeted online ads, and the platform runs smoothly, which is essential in the modern marketplace to connect your business with a global audience.

LuggageHero Partner Fees

  • Service Charge: Includes $0.25 per bag and a transactional fee. You can visit Stripe- Pricing and fees for an updated list of the transactional fees that apply to each booking.

  • Tips: Partners are entitled to retain 100% of the tips customers give. Please remember that the standard transactional costs are applied to the booking as usual. Learn more about tips​​.

Customer Booking Fees

  • Mandatory Fees: Customers booking for luggage storage are charged fees for the service directly by LuggageHero.

  • Optional Fees: Customers may opt for additional services with applicable fees, such as extra coverage or insurance.

VAT and Adjustments

  • VAT Charges: Applicable VAT is added to fees as per jurisdiction laws​​. Learn more about value-added tax (VAT) and how it applies to you.

  • Other Considerations: Currency exchange rates and customer experience-based refunds can affect payouts​​.

HeroCode Bookings

  • Reduced Commission for Self-Acquired Bookings: We apply only a transactional fee for bookings acquired through the HeroCode, with no other fees involved. If you would like an updated list of the applicable transactional fees, please visit Stripe - Pricing and Fees.

    This unique approach acknowledges and rewards our partners for their direct marketing efforts. By eliminating additional fees, we ensure that you, our partners, gain the maximum benefit from your physical presence and direct customer interactions. This simplified fee structure is our way of supporting and valuing the business you bring to LuggageHero through your initiatives.

  • Customer Options: Customers can add additional coverage or insurance for their bags during the booking process, and fees for these customer-facing products may apply.

Our commission and fee structures are designed to balance operational costs with the growth of our partners. We are committed to transparency and support.

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