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Bag Identification: A Guide for Secure Luggage Storage
Bag Identification: A Guide for Secure Luggage Storage

Effectively to identify and retrieve your bags quickly

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At LuggageHero, we prioritize the safety and convenience of our customer's belongings. To enhance the security and identification process, we provide a feature that allows you to take a photo of your bags when starting the storage timer from your booking page.

This article will help you use this feature effectively to identify and retrieve your bags quickly.

Taking a Photo of Your Bags:

Access Your Booking Page:

After completing your booking on LuggageHero, you will receive a confirmation email and/or SMS containing a link to your booking page. You can click or tap on the link provided to access your booking details.

Start the Storage Timer

You can find the option to start the storage timer on your booking page. This will initiate the countdown for the duration of your storage period. You may be prompted to reconfirm the number of bags you want to store.

Capture the Bag Image

  1. As part of the storage timer initiation process, you will be asked to take a photo of your bags.

  2. Click or tap the camera icon or designated button to activate your device's camera.

  3. Position your bags within the camera frame and capture a clear photo.

  4. Please ensure that the image captures the distinguishing features of your bags for easy identification.

Confirm and Save

After taking the photo, please review it to ensure clarity and accuracy. If necessary, retake the photo to get a better image. Once you are satisfied, confirm and save the bag photo by following the instructions on the screen. The picture will be securely stored in your booking for future reference.

Using the Bag Photo for Identification

Pick-Up Confirmation Screen

  1. Stop the storage timer on your booking page when you arrive to collect your bags.

  2. After stopping the timer, a pick-up confirmation screen will appear, displaying relevant details about your booking.

Bag Identification Photo

On the pick-up confirmation screen, you will find the photo of your bags that you took when starting the storage timer. This photo is a visual reference to identify your bags, among others quickly.

Bag Retrieval

Compare the photo on the pick-up confirmation screen with the bags at the storage location. Use the unique features captured in the photo to accurately identify and retrieve your bags.

Benefits of Bag Identification Photo

Easy Bag Recognition

The photo of your bags provides a visual reference that simplifies identifying and locating your belongings when collecting them.

Efficient Retrieval

With the bag photo saved in your booking, you can easily communicate the specific appearance of your bags to the storage location staff, streamlining the retrieval process.

Peace of Mind

The bag identification photo adds an extra layer of assurance, ensuring you can quickly recognize and collect your bags without any confusion.

By taking a photo of your bags when starting the storage timer from your booking page on LuggageHero, you can enhance the security and identification of your stored belongings. This feature simplifies recognizing and retrieving your bags when you come to collect them.

Please follow the instructions in this guide to use the bag identification photo feature effectively and enjoy a seamless luggage storage experience with LuggageHero.

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