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Understanding Hourly Bookings and Automated Check-Out with LuggageHero

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LuggageHero offers an hourly and daily pricing model for your luggage storage needs, providing flexibility and convenience. Understanding how this pricing model works is essential to ensure a seamless experience. This article aims to explain the automated check-out process and the responsibility of the traveler to stop the storage timer to prevent being charged for unused hours.

Hourly Pricing and Automated Check-Out:

When you book storage with LuggageHero on an hourly pricing model, you must start the storage timer when you drop off your bags at the designated storage location. The timer continues to track the duration of storage until you stop it upon collecting your bags.

Automated Check-Out Process:

An automated check-out process is implemented to ensure fairness and accuracy in charging for the hours utilized. If the storage timer has not been stopped before the closing hours of the storage location, the system will automatically initiate the check-out process.

Reminder to Stop the Storage Timer:

Before the automated check-out process is triggered, a reminder is sent to stop the storage timer when you collect your bags. This is a proactive measure to help you avoid being charged for unused hours beyond the actual storage period.

Your Responsibility to Stop the Storage Timer:

As a customer, you must stop the storage timer when you retrieve your bags. This can be done through your booking page. By stopping the timer promptly, you ensure accurate billing that reflects the actual duration of storage.

Preventing Charges for Unused Hours:

Stopping the storage timer upon bag collection is crucial to prevent being charged for hours that were not used for luggage storage. It is essential to be mindful of this step to avoid unnecessary charges.

Booking storage on LuggageHero's hourly pricing model offers flexibility and convenience. Understanding the automated check-out process and your responsibility to stop the storage timer upon collecting your bags is essential to ensure accurate billing.

By proactively stopping the timer and preventing charges for unused hours, you can have a seamless experience with LuggageHero.

Our dedicated support team can assist you with any further questions or require assistance throughout your storage journey.

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