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Adjusting your storage location opening hours
Adjusting your storage location opening hours

Keep your opening hours updated to prevent incidents and maximize earnings

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Easily update your daily operating-, exceptional opening-, and holiday-hours.

Keeping your opening hours updated is essential for the traveler's experience.

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Day-to-day operating hours

Access your Account > Your storage locations > Edit > Opening hours

If you are open 24/7 you can click the button "Always open" which will overwrite all values.

Have the same opening hours every day? Click "Copy to: All". This applies the Monday opening hours to all week.

We require a minimum of operating hours of 40 hours a week. If this does not work with your business, please contact our Account Management team through the chat.

Exceptional Opening Hours

Are you closing for a day or two? You can add "Exceptions" by scrolling to the bottom of the "Opening Hours" tab.

Your Account > Your storage locations > Edit > Opening Hours > Exceptions

Use this if you need to temporarily close the shop e.g. because of vacation or for refurbishment. Click the date picker to add an exception and mark the day as closed or add specific operating hours.

What you specify as an exception will take precedence over both normal and holiday opening hours on the given dates.

Holiday Hours

Are you scheduled holiday hours the same year after year? We've made it easy for you.

Navigate to Your Account > Your storage locations > Edit > Holidays

Use the options "All closed", "All open as normal", "All open 24 hours" to quickly update your holiday operating hours.

A field on your profile that is visible to travelers will indicate whether your opening hours on a specific holiday are updated. We'll ensure we keep the opening hours as stated year after year.

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