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Were your location closed on the arrival of customers or were you unable to accommodate a reservation for luggage storage?

You can review incidents reported on your location by navigating to your Account > Your storage Locations > Bookings > Incidents.

A customer with a booking can report an incident directly from their booking page. A notification will instantly be sent to the storage manager.

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What are incidents?

It is only possible to report an incident at a storage location during operating hours.

Incidents that can be reported are:

  • The location was closed when I arrived

  • I was asked to pay directly to the store

  • The staff was unaware of the service

  • The location refused to hold my bags

When the customer reports an incident, they are asked to provide a picture of their storage location as evidence.

How to prevent incidents

Here are a few tips to avoid incidents:

  • Keep your day-to-day operating hours up to date

  • Update your holiday hours

  • Add exceptional opening hours

  • Make sure that all your employees are aware of our luggage storage procedure.

  • Download and print your HeroCode for check-/check-out consistency.

  • Adjust your capacity accordingly.

How incidents may affect you

Incidents harm your and our business, so we want to prevent them from happening to the extent possible. The incident rate of each location listed on LuggageHero is closely monitored to ensure that it doesn't exceed our threshold.

Your incident rate can impact your partner level, decreasing your base storage rate.

No-show Fee

A no-show fee will be charged if a customer fails to activate their storage timer or cancel their booking. If the customer were asked to pay directly and deceived not to use their Luggagehero booking, the fee would be applied to your storage location and deducted from the following payout.

Direct payments unrelated to failed payments are registered on your storage location.

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