Storage Manager Dashboard

Understanding and using your storage manager dashboard

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At LuggageHero, we provide our storage partners with a comprehensive and user-friendly Storage Manager Dashboard.

This article will guide you through the features and functionalities of the dashboard, empowering you to manage your storage locations efficiently and effectively.

Future Bookings and Active Bookings

The dashboard provides a clear overview of upcoming bookings, allowing you to plan and prepare accordingly. You can easily manage and track active bookings, ensuring a smooth and seamless customer experience.

Navigate to: Your Dashboard > Your Storage Locations > Bookings

Location Management

Effortlessly edit and update your storage locations directly from the dashboard. Whether you need to add new sites, modify existing ones, or update essential information, the location management feature gives you complete control and flexibility.

Navigate to: Your Dashboard > Your Storage Locations > ...

Invoices and Payouts

You can access and review your invoices conveniently from the dashboard. You can track your earnings, view detailed payment information, and stay current with your financial transactions. Additionally, quickly update your payout method to ensure smooth and timely payments.

Navigate to Your Dashboard > Your Storage Locations > Billing

Performance View

The dashboard includes a performance view that provides valuable insights into your business metrics. You can monitor your total revenue, track tips received, and analyze the average revenue per booking. These metrics empower you to evaluate the performance of your storage locations and make informed business decisions.

Reported Incidents

The dashboard enables you to stay informed about any reported incidents. You can view and track any reported incidents.

Your Dashboard > Your Storage Locations > Bookings > Incidents

This feature allows you to address concerns and maintain high customer satisfaction.

The Storage Manager Dashboard offered by LuggageHero is a powerful tool designed to streamline your storage operations and enhance your business management capabilities. From reported incidents and future bookings to location management, invoices, and performance metrics, the dashboard provides a centralized platform to manage your storage locations efficiently. Embrace the features and functionalities of the dashboard to optimize your operations, deliver exceptional customer service, and maximize your revenue.

If you have any questions or need more help, our support team is always ready to help.

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