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Allowing Others to Pick Up Your Luggage: Guidelines and Instructions
Allowing Others to Pick Up Your Luggage: Guidelines and Instructions

Need someone else to pick up your stored luggage for you?

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At LuggageHero, we understand that there are situations where you may need someone else to pick up your stored luggage for you. To facilitate this process and ensure a smooth transaction, we have provided guidelines and instructions for allowing someone else to collect your bags.

This article will outline the steps to ensure successful payment and collection.

1. Sharing Booking Details

To allow someone else to pick up your luggage, you must share the link to your booking site with the designated person. This link will grant them access to the necessary information and actions to complete the payment upon bag collection.

2. Pressing "Stop Storage Timer"

It is crucial to ensure that the person collecting your luggage presses the "Stop Storage Timer" button when picking up the bag. This action indicates that the storage period has ended, triggering the payment completion process. By doing so, the payment for the storage duration will be processed, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

3. Bag Identification

When checking in your luggage, you should take a clear picture of the bag(s) you are storing. This photo serves as a visual reference for identification purposes. To facilitate a smooth handover, share this picture with the person collecting the luggage. It helps them accurately identify your bag(s) and ensure a seamless collection process.

4. Informing the Shop Manager

When you drop off your bags at the storage location, please let the shop manager or staff know someone else will pick them up. This notification ensures they know the arrangement and can assist the designated person during the handover process.


  • Please ensure the person picking up your luggage can access the booking site link.

  • Remind them to press the "Stop Storage Timer" button to complete the payment process.

  • Share the photo of your bag(s) with the designated person for identification purposes.

  • Inform the shop manager about the arrangement when dropping off your bags.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or require additional assistance. Our dedicated support team is here to help and ensure a smooth and secure luggage storage experience.

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