Booking notifications

You receive a notification when you have a booking

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Would you like to keep track of your booking? You can enable booking notifications and set up a filter in your inbox.

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Booking notifications

When a customer creates a reservation for luggage storage at your location, we'll send you a booking notification by email. The booking notification will provide you with details such as:

  • Booking ID

  • Number of bags

  • Arrival date

  • Pricing model

  • Storage days

You'll receive a notification by email when the customer performs the following steps:

  • Booking created

  • Booking Checked-in - the customer has arrived at your location and dropped off their bags.

  • Booking Checked-out - the customer has ended the storage timer

  • The online payment failed - the customer has stopped the storage timer, but LuggageHero was unable to charge the booking amount online

  • Booking canceled - The customer has canceled their booking

  • Incident reported - The customer reported an incident related to your location

Booking notification settings

You can enable and disable the different booking notifications for each listing you manage.

Navigate to your Account > Storage location > Edit > Notifications

Adding a separate email for each of your listings can ensure that the relevant booking notification is sent to the correct storage location.

Inbox filter

Depending on your location you may receive a lot of notifications.

We'd like to encourage you to keep the Check-in, Check-out, and Payment failed notifications enabled as these can help ensure that the customer follows the procedure.

All booking-related notifications are being sent from By creating a custom filter in your email browser, you can ensure your inbox isn't overwhelmed.

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