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Understanding Failed Payments and Payment Options for Luggage Storage

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At LuggageHero, we strive to ensure a smooth payment process for our customers. In this article, we will explain the options available to customers in case of a failed payment and provide important guidelines for partners regarding accepting payments.

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Customer Payment Options:

  1. Retry with Initial Credit Card: Customers can retry payment with the initially used credit card.

  2. Adding a New Credit Card: Customers have the option to add a different credit card for payment.

Successful Online Payment

This green pick-up confirmation screen indicates that the online payment was completed.

Customer Direct payment:

  • If online payment fails repeatedly, customers can select "Pay directly." The total amount due for storage will be displayed, and payment can be made at the shop.

  • The total amount for the luggage storage will be displayed on the orange pick-up confirmation screen after the option "Pay directly" has been chosen. The customer can reopen the confirmation screen from the booking page.

Failed Online Payment

This orange pick-up confirmation screen indicates that the customer chooses to pay directly.

Booking Status and Payment Deductions:

  • Bookings with failed online payments will be marked as "Paid in shop." These amounts will be deducted from the total payout.

Difference Between Direct Payment and Storage Revenue

  • Reason for Discrepancy: When an online payment fails, the partner location must collect the total amount for storage, including any associated booking fees between LuggageHero and the customer. This can create discrepancies between the direct payment received and the expected storage revenue.

  • Handling Failed Payments: It's crucial to collect the complete payment for storage directly in case of an online payment failure.


  • Restriction on Cash Payments: Receiving cash payments for bookings made through is generally prohibited, except as the LuggageHero App advises.

  • The pick-up confirmation screen will be displayed after the storage timer stops and indicate the payment method and status.

Understanding the nuances of the payment process is important to ensure accurate revenue tracking. To maintain proper financial records, partners should be attentive to direct payments made at their locations, especially in cases of online transaction failures.

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