Understanding Your Invoice from LuggageHero
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Understanding Your Invoice from LuggageHero

LuggageHero is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that connects customers seeking secure luggage storage options with local businesses with available space. As a certified location within the LuggageHero network, you provide travelers with a convenient service while generating additional revenue for your business.

Here’s how our cooperation works in terms of payments:

  • Payments Handled by LuggageHero: All bookings and payments are processed through the LuggageHero platform. We collect customer payments on your behalf for the storage services you provide as a partner.

  • Funds Distribution: Once a booking is completed, LuggageHero disburses the collected funds to your account minus the commission and service fees. When will I get my payout?

  • Transparency: We provide a detailed invoice for each payment period, ensuring transparency and ease of bookkeeping.

VAT is applicable for non-VAT registered businesses within the EU. Read more about VAT in this article, “Value Added Tax (VAT) and how it applies to you.”

Now, let's dive into the specifics of your invoice to understand how your earnings are calculated and presented.

Invoice Breakdown

The invoice shows the following key sections:

Invoice Header

  • Provider Name and Address: This is your business's name and location.

  • Invoice Number: A unique identifier for the invoice.

  • Invoice Date: The date the invoice was generated.

Sales Summary

  • Total Sales and Tips: This line shows the total sales collected from customers for luggage storage services, plus any tips received. In the example, the total sales are

Commission and Service Fees

  • Commission: LuggageHero charges a commission for bookings made through its platform.

  • Service Fee: This is the fee charged by LuggageHero for facilitating the service.

  • Total: It sums up the commission and service fee deducted by LuggageHero

Outstanding Balance

  • Due from LuggageHero: This is the gross amount due to you before deductions.

  • Amount Received Directly: If any direct payments were made due to online transaction failures, they would be deducted from the total due.

  • Deductions for Commission/Service Fee: The commission and service fees are deducted from the due amount.

  • Tips Already Received: Any tips already distributed.

  • Total Earned Tips: The total tips for the period.

  • Final Outstanding Balance: This is the net amount due to you after all deductions.

Payment Date

The final amount will be available in your bank account on the specified date.

Additional Notes

  • Payments: Any payments you receive directly from customers in case of online payment failures should be recorded and will affect your invoice as shown.

  • Tips: Tips are processed through LuggageHero but are not subject to commission. They are, however, subject to the standard payment processing fee.

  • Currencies: All invoicing is done in EUR, GBP, USD, or DKK.

Access your invoices

Your invoices are visible from within the LuggageHero Dashboard, where you can also download your past invoices.

  1. Go to Shop-manager and log in with your LuggageHero user account

  2. Click the Billing button under the shop you manage.

  3. Adjust the date filter at the top as necessary to see past transactions.

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