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Calculating your payout

Understand your payouts

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Ready to count your earnings? Here's how it works.

Your storage rate plus tips minus the Luggagehero commission and service charge = your payout

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Understanding Commissions, Fees, and Tips for Luggage Storage Partners

We believe in keeping things clear and transparent for our partners at LuggageHero. Here's a straightforward breakdown of how commissions, fees, and tips work:

  1. Commission: As a partner, you pay a 50% commission on the total income earned from hourly or daily storage prices.

  2. Service Charge: Each booking incurs a service charge. The service charge is USD 0.25 per bag, plus a payment processing fee applied to the customer transaction. This fee covers the cost of processing payments. It is 2.9% of the transaction amount plus USD 0.3 per transaction. International card transactions have an additional 1% surcharge. This is clearly shown as the "Service Charge" on your quarterly payout statement.

    Visit for more details on the payment processing fee.

    Important Note: Tips are not affected by any fees. You keep 100% of the tips received from customers.

Tax Responsibilities: As a partner, you must understand and comply with any tax obligations, such as GST, other indirect taxes, or income taxes related to storage fees.

Deductions from Customer Payments: When customers pay for luggage storage, we deduct our commission and any other owed amounts directly from the total payment received.

We strive to make our commission and fee structure as straightforward as possible, ensuring a fair and beneficial partnership. Our Account Management team is always here to help if you have questions or need assistance.

Please read our Terms of Service for more details.

If your payout and dashboard revenue view don't match

  • Direct payments: Payments made directly at your location are not reflected in the payout.

  • VAT: Value-added tax (VAT) may be added in addition to the LuggageHero fee

  • Processing fee: Your financial institution may charge their own fees so contact them with any questions.

  • Currency exchange: If your listing currency doesn't match your payout currency the exchange fee is deducted from your payout at the time of payment.

  • Adjustments: A booking may be partially or fully refunded based on the experience of storing their luggage at a location your manage. We carefully review all requests for a refund and refunds are only initiated on genuine experiences.

VAT Charges

VAT may apply to the above fees depending on the jurisdiction's laws.

We reserve the right to change our service fees at any time and will let you know of any fee changes before they become effective. Any fee changes will not affect bookings made before the effective date of the fee change.

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