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Luggage Storage Procedure

How does it work when a customer arrive?

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Ready to store bags? We got you covered!

Once activated, your location will immediately be visible on our platform, and you can get bookings.

Based on your whereabouts you might get bookings the same day that you are activated.

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When a customer arrives to drop off bags:

  • Drop-off: The customer should activate their booking by clicking "Start storage timer" from their booking page.

    The customer can access their booking page via:

    • Scanning your HeroCode at your location

    • Link received by SMS

    • Link received by Email

    You'll receive a check-in confirmation when the storage timer has been activated. You can also verify that the timer has been activated by looking at the counter clock on the phone of the customer.

    Active bookings: navigate to Your Account > Dashboard > Your storage locations > Bookings > Active to see all bookings that are currently checked in.

When a customer arrives to collect their bags:

  • Pick-up: Ask the customer to stop the storage. When stopping the storage timer, the customer is asked if they wish to leave a tip for the service received.

    Stopping the storage timer should automatically process the payment for luggage storage. Ask the customer to show you the pick-up confirmation screen to confirm the payment.

  • A green screen indicates that the online payment was successful.

  • An orange screen indicates that you need to collect the payment directly*. Learn About Failed Payments.

You'll receive a check-out confirmation when the storage timer has been deactivated and the pick-up registered. In the event that the online payment fails, you'll receive a notification stating that the online payment failed.

Without reservation for luggage storage

Got the drive to acquire customers yourself! We got you on this one as well.

Make sure to download and print your HeroCode.

Ask the customer to scan your personal HeroCode. If you haven't printed this, the customer can go to and click "Near me." This will show your location as the nearest and an online reservation can be made.

An additional walk-in fee may apply.

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